4th ICT Startups Awards and Conference on New Age of Innovation & IP

Time: 11 pm am to 2:30 pm

Inauguration Session: New Age of Innovation & IP

Intellectual property is at the core of technological innovation, economic growth and industrial policies. The introduction of 5G and the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) impacts a wide range of industries and existing business models, and present a whole new set of challenges related to safety, privacy, spectrum allocation, public infrastructures and transportation that policymakers and regulators need to address to safeguard innovation, investments and citizens’ welfare. Confronted with the issues that arise at the intersection of technology, innovation and intellectual property law, the broadly the session will try to understand that how to deal with the perceived clashes between new technologies and existing IP frameworks?

Plenary 1: Intellectual Property & IoT

By the year 2025, it is expected that approximately 80 billion devices will be connected. The future era of connected devices would lead to an estimated economic impact of about $3.9 trillion to $11.1 trillion per year. Post COVID era would also help in boosting the growth of IoT devices with major emphasis being on contactless services – from payments, to remote healthcare, digital education, remote working, etc. All this has led to make IoT the next big thing, making companies spend/invest in the development of their IoT solutions to benefit from the growing market trend.

This proliferation of growth in the IoT segment and with the new-age developments and advancements in technology, it becomes important to protect ones Intellectual Property (IP) in the form of patents, copyrights, trademark, etc. This also provides the companies or organization with the opportunity of monetizing their assets in terms of licensing of patents, detecting products with possible infringement, selling of patents to big entities, etc. So, a good IP portfolio proves to be an arsenal for companies. Apart from companies, even the start-ups have now started realizing the importance of safeguarding the IPRs in their IoT related inventions and have fair share in patent filings in the recent times.

With this background, the session will provide a platform for IP decision makers across multiple industries to discuss how IP strategies are fundamentally changing to meet the demands of the industrial revolution and will discuss following:

  • Importance of IP in the IoT domain and IP strategies for IoT
  • Emerging IP trends in the IoT industry and will also highlight the innovation contributors from different segments of the Industry.
  • New protection paradigms for IoT
  • Issues and Opportunities In Standardization

Plenary 2: Blockchain and IP: Opportunities & Challenges that Block chain brings to IP Protection and Enforcement

Blockchain and related distributed ledger technologies have been a hot topic recently, with multiple industries exploring their possibilities and new blockchain use cases emerging almost every day. But how might these technologies be used in the context of intellectual property (IP) law and practice? The session will cover following aspects:

  • Interplay of block chain & IP: Legal impact of the standard setting and their interplay with patent rights, data security and cyber risks, the challenges associated with open source platforms and of protecting IP on the blockchain.
  • How Intellectual Property Rights (“IPR”) might play a role in this “new world” of blockchain.

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